ANGHARAD PICKERING Illustrator & Artist

The Vaults Artist Studios, Market Street, Brecon LD3 8AH


In the last year Angharad has stripped back her artwork to try something new. For many years Angharad has produced small cards and drawing for children. Using simply fine line pens and water colours.  These drawing have made Angharad more passionate about wildlife and nature.

She has been amazed how she can use simply one pen to show line, shape, movement and texture. This one media can show all the elements of ‘art’. It’s become important to Angharad to show people you do not have to use an array of media to create works of art and she really hopes she can inspire people to pick up a pencil and see what they can create.

Angharad has started to do more detailed drawings of animals, an example below.

Dead Head Hawkmoth in fine line pen.

BEACON dead head hawk moth


Angharad still produces her line of cards for children, some of witch can been seen below.