SUE HILEY HARRIS Sculptor Weaver

90 Struet, Brecon  LD3 7LS   01874 610892


This year Sue will have new work to see from her project of drawings and weavings based on the Priory Groves, a wooded area not far from her home. Woven sculpture in paper yarn, which have been woven on her floor loom and then constructed, as well as small weavings in silver and her drawings done in the Groves will be in her studio. It will also be an opportunity to see work in progress on her floor loom – and have a go – as well as drawings from a recent trip to Shetland.

Sue has been weaving for forty years. She has always been interested in the simplicity of plain weave and her weaving is concerned with space, line, interval and texture. Material, structure and form are inter-dependent whether that is the use of silk thread for a jacket, strong paper yarn for a hollow cube or stainless steel wire for a free-hanging outdoor sculpture. She studied fine art at the Queensland College of Art in her home town of Brisbane. Later, after moving to Britain, she studied hand-loom weaving at Bradford and science with the Open University. Her work has expanded to include drawing and collage and working with silver since she was awarded a Creative Wales Award in 2013.

Sue’s studio is on the second floor with rather narrow stairs. She hopes visitors will make it up to see where she works but will have some work on the ground floor and on the first floor landing as well as in her studio. Handrails are now in place most of the way up.

Sue Hiley Harris - drawing in snow
Sue drawing in snow in Brecon
Sue Hiley Harris - Trees, The Groves, Brecon
Trees, The Groves, Brecon
Sue Hiley Harris - Twisted Branch I
Twisted Branch